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Ship Chandler Singapore provides fast, cost-effective general refit and repair solutions for owners of vessels at Singapore ports and anchorage areas

Ship Chandler Singapore maintains international safety standards at all times.

Ship Chandler Singapore

              Ship Chandler Singapore

• Install and repair telephone systems

• Turbocharger Repair

• Install and repairs to temperature monitoring systems

• Seachest inspection and cleaning

• Shaft end metalspraying/machining

• Turbine blades polishing or welding

• Glandstrips renewing

• Compressor wheel balancing

• 3D dynamic balancing

• Repairs to cranes and other various cargo equipment

• Sludge removal

• Washouts – high pressure and ultra cleaning

• Sludge Processing

• Chemical cleaning and decontamination

• Cleaning / hp washing / painting of engine room and bilge

• Cleaning / hp washing / painting of pipe tunnels and cofferdams

• Cleaning / hp washing / painting of car decks

• UHP water blasting / painting

• Cleaning / coating of ballast tanks

• Spot blasting / painting of cargo tanks and cargo holds

• Airless sprayers / wet and dry paint thickness electronic gauges

• FO tank cleaning for cold works

• FO tank cleaning and gas-freeing for hot works

• Pipe tunnel and cofferdam cleaning

• Sewage, sludge tank cleaning

• Lube oil tanks cleaning for inspection

• All kinds Electronic Repair

 – Ship Chandler Singapore RADAR repair and service, Ship Chandler Singapore SSB repair and service,

 – Ship Chandler Singapore GMDSS repair and service, Ship Chandler Singapore GYRO COMPASS Repair and Service,

 – Ship Chandler Singapore AUTOPILOT Repair and Service, Ship Chandler Singapore AIS repair and service,

 – Ship Chandler Singapore GPS repair and service, Ship Chandler Singapore VHF RADIO repair and service,

 – Ship Chandler Singapore INMARSAT C repair and service, Ship Chandler SingaporeRADIO repair and service

 – Ship Chandler Singapore TELEX repair and service, Ship Chandler Singapore MINI M repair and service,

 – Ship Chandler Singapore ECHO SOUNDER Repair and Service, Ship Chandler Singapore VDR repair and service

• Ballast tank cleaning

• Engine Room’s bilge cleaning

• Cargo tanks oil cleaning

• Chain lockers mud cleaning

• Cargo holds and bilges cleaning

• Fully equipped cleaners take on the nastiest jobs to produce a clean gas-free and safe environment

• Environmentally responsible use of chemicals

• Certificate of environmentally responsible disposal provided upon request

• Hatch cover damage repair

• Hatch coaming corrosive partly renewal 

• Hold frames and brackets

• Container ship cell guide renewal

• Cargo hold and balast tank damage repair

• Engine room and balast tanks pipe repair 

• Vessel collision and sea damaged partly repair

• Crane boom repair

• Steel structure fabrication, including hand rail, cargo hold vertical ladder, etc.

• Propeller and rudder repair

• Rewinding of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations

• Overhaul of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations

• Rewinding of transformers and manufacture of new transformers

• Balancing of rotors and impellers

• Manufacture of switch gear and control panels

• Fault finding and repairs to automation systems

• General installation work (i.e. running of cables, fitting units and multi cable transits.)

• Cleaning of switchboards

• Repairs to navigational equipment

• Flooding of engine rooms and various compartments

• Repair and install alarm systems (fire alarms, main engine alarms, general alarms)

• Repairs to fire detection and smoke detection systems

• Fault find and repair windless’s, capstans and winches

• Repairs to cathodic protection systems

• Repair and supply of galley equipment (galley range, bake ovens etc)

• Generator hiring and shore supplying

• Hull cleaning

• Propeller cleaning and polishing

• Hydroblasting with high pressure water

• Under water welding repairs

• Under water inspections

  – Diver visual inspection

  – Closed circuit video and recording

  – Digital clear water photography

• Propeller and rudder removal / repairs

• Class and Flag Administration inspections

• Anchor retrieval

• Anode inspection and replacement   

• Vanes polishing

• Available stock of spare parts at Rotterdam/Holland

• Handling of spare parts worldwide and 24/7

• For customers with fleet agreement we guarantee all spare parts are in stock

• Contracts with experienced forwarders will guarantee delivery

• Daily delivery of spare parts in the Rotterdam/Antwerp area

• High quality spare parts according to OEM recommendations

• All spare parts are approved by the quality department of The Company

• Guarantees are given on all spare parts delivered by The Company

• The Company can handle all types of turbocharger

• Training of (service) engineers and co-operation with engineers at MET / NAPIER and STX

• Specialised in technical repairs: dynamic balancing / repairs of rotor shafts / welding of turbine blades

• Repair / Maintenance / Replacement of any air conditioning or refrigeration components

• Ducting and Insulation installation

• Freon retrieval / conversion to modern refrigerants

• Gas detection leaks and repairs

• Engineering to solve problems or new installation

• Custom manufacture of components

• Install insulation / electric controls / thermostats / diffusers / etc.

• Preventative maintenance services and design

• Cylinder covers

• Piston crowns and skirts

• Exhaust valves and seats

• Exhaust valve housing

• Fuel injectors

• Connecting rods

• Piston rods

• Cylinder heads, water chambers and cover rings

• Governors

• Crankshaft replacement and any general maintenance

• Tail shafts and rudder

• Pums and castings / housings

• Heat exchangers

• Grinding machining crankshafts (main/aux. engine, compressor, pump shafts)

• Aligment of bearings (crosshead, crank, main)

• Fuel valve grinding / overhauling

• Hydraulic pump overhaul and repairs

• Grinding and lapping of plunger reciprocating pumps

• Gear pump overhaul and repairs

• Centrifugal pump overhaul, repairs and renewals