Ship chandler Singapore; can supply your vessel with a huge range of quality products at competitive prices. Singapore Ship Chandler is known for the quality of its produce and Singapore Shipchandler Ship Supply can source from Singapore’s best producers.

Ship chandler Singapore, Our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat from Singapore’s best quality producers, fish straight from our local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores from local and imported sources.

All our warehouse faciliies include chillers, freezers and packaging facilities allowing for the delivery of your provisions order in prime condition.

Ship Chandler Singapore

Ship Chandler Singapore

Following is a selection of categories from our extensive provisions list.

Meats Fresh & Meats Frozen

Seafood Fresh & Seafood Frozen

Poultry Fresh & Poultry Frozen

Dairy Goods 

Game Fresh / Game Frozen

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

General Groceries Asian Goods & Spices 

Beverages Juices Flowers 

Gourmet Foods  Speciality Lines

Smallgoods  Dry Goods