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Ship Chandler Singapore was established on 1988. In a very short time, the company succeeded to become one of the leading ship suppliers of Singapore, mainly in the fields of ;

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    Ship Chandler Singapore

    Ship Chandler Singapore

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          Ship Chandler Singapore is serving clients in the two floored showroom, an own property, supported by a depot , a workshop and a subsidiary liferaft station, both located at the center of the All ports of Turkey and been Wherhouse at Istanbul

Offical Distributorship

          And, in order to respond to continuous increase in customer volume, the company in soon time will move to new headquarters, a4 floored , 300m2 building, an own property, again located at the center of the Singapore. Besides, the company had already invested for purchasing of 4 different lands at Ship Chandler Singaporey and Shipchandler Service, we will be serving to clients at this new center as well and as usual in its own properties.

Today, Ship Chandler Singapore is proud of its well known round-the-clock service and expert staff on its field of service and is decisive to be permanent in ship supply sector.